Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wire Photo Holder...

I don't really decorate for holidays. I'm entirely too lazy to, first, put things up in a timely manner and, second, to take them down in a timely manner. The first year we were married was the year I figured this out. We were in an apartment and decorated our entertainment center and had a tree and put lights in the window. It was very festive... Until probably almost February (thank goodness it was a fake tree). We finally packed most of the things away. Everything except for this:

Our card/picture holder. It never did come down... until we moved. Then it was put right back up when we moved into our new place, 6 and a half years ago. It transforms as the year progresses. It starts out with Christmas cards from the previous Christmas then will acquire some Valentines Day cards and birthday cards, then Easter cards, thinking of you cards and pictures of new babies and old babies that have new pictures taken of them.

When we run out of room it's usually because we get an updated picture of someone, so the older one gets taken off and put in a picture box for a safe keeping. They are rotated likewise. I just love watching the kids grow and people have new families. It's exciting and special. The display is so bright and cheerful, I hate to take it down. So up it will stay, at least, until we move again.

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marie said...

A nice way to be festive and not use up too much space...and a really great way to display all the photo cards you received. Mine ended up stacked in a basket. It's hard to see them that way. : ) I like your way much better!