Monday, February 27, 2012

Project SCRAP Layouts...

Remember how excited I was to start creating things again? Well, it really came through this month. With the help of Joe taking care of Caleb more than he usually does and Elijah being independent... to a certain point, it has given me some extra time to be creative.

Project SCRAP is in full swing, so with my "resolution" to keep up. I did some pages... Four pages, to be exact. *The kits used are Maria LaFrance - Buddy Boy, Shabby Princess - Bounce, and DC Designs - Pitter Patter

Every month I plan on recapping the "milestones" of both boys, no matter how small.

 Elijah is full of weird/funny sayings and want to remember them, not only on twitter (sharing them on my side panel), but in scrapbook form. I will probably do the same when Caleb starts talking.

This is a recap of the month from a family point of view. I also tried to include small things, like how the weather was.

Photo recap of the month.

I think I'm going to hand write a description sheet to attach to this layout. Similar to this:

1. Wearing a Flacco Fanstache, for good luck in the playoffs. It didn't work.  2. Having a sleep over with his friends.  3. Playing the Scooby Doo Game.  4. Showing off the Happy Tongue  5. Brothers!  6. Celebrating, in style  7. Also wearing the Fanstache  8. Playing in the snow/slush/ice  9. Hiding out from the paparazzi.

I'm really happy with how they turned out. I hope you enjoyed looking at them, also. Have you created any layouts recently? If so, I would love to see them.


marie said...

Great post Jo...and great layouts too!
I love that I get to see "what's happening" in the Raymond household.

The Milestones layouts are awesome and the boys will love to have those to look back at as they get older!!

Libbie said...

Jo! You have some talent there girl! What a keepsake for the boys! & WoW! Do you ever look good in a stache :) I could never pull that look off :)