Monday, February 20, 2012

Headband Holders...

As I mentioned in a previous post I was going to make a Headband Holder for each of my nieces. I am happy to say that they were finished -before- Christmas. This is how Penelope's turned out.

I'm very happy with the result

I basically went by the tutorial. A quick overview to those who don't look at it:

  • Buy an inexpensive oatmeal canister (or use your own if you have any). I bought mine from Target for about $3. 
  • Measure the height and the perimeter of the canister. 
  • Use those measurements in your software program to create the label.
  • Print out finished product. I had to use 11x17 paper so it would be the right size.
  • Attach with adhesive or glue. I used Tombo Mono on just the back where the two sides met.
*Unfortunately, I can't link up to the kit I used for the label because it has long been retired.

How Charlotte's looked in Microsoft Publisher

Penelope's finished product... With headbands displayed

I even added some goodies inside, like hairbrushes, clips, lip gloss
and a makeup brush (with no makeup included)

Just for the record, the girls loved them, so it was time well spent.


Katie said...

Definitely time well spent! Charlotte still gets out her "hair can" so she can get ready before we go out.

Scrap for Joy said...

I love repurposing...great job Jo. I haven't given up on the swap project, I'm going to be contacting some great crafters I know to see if I can get some more people involved.

marie said...

They did love their headband holders (love that Charlotte calls it a hair can!). Great gift idea Jo!