Monday, February 6, 2012

Through The Eyes of Elijah - His Family

It is always a bit scary to find out how little children view you, but sometimes it can be a pleasant surprise. One of those surprises happened the other night while I was making dinner and tending to Caleb.

Elijah finally learned how to use the mouse (it was a blessing and a curse) and was playing on They have a game where you "make monsters", so Elijah was playing it for probably about 10 minutes when I heard, "Monnie! Come here! Look what I made! It's you!" I finished up what I was doing and braced myself for what might be on the screen. To my surprise it was this:

Elijah then said, "He's happy!" So I inquired, "Am I happy?" "Yes." "Am I always happy?" "No." See... honesty at it's finest.

So I went back out to finish up and a few minutes later I heard, "Monnie, look! It's daddy!"

He was so tickled with himself. My favorite part of Joe's monster was when you played it, to move, the tongue would stick out and go in and stick out again. I could definitely see how Elijah could get this from Joe.

Then he made himself.

And he was done. I asked if he wanted to make Caleb, but he said no. Oh well, maybe another day...


Scrap for Joy said...

I thought he did a good job...I often wonder what little children think of us. We have a little guy at church who always has a real serious face (he's about 10 months old) and I wonder if he thinks we're all nuts because we're always trying to get him to smile. When he does smile for someone, that person acts like they just scored a touchdown...funny.
Have a good week Jo.

Katie said...

Awww, that's super cute. It's great that he's picked up certain characteristics for each of you that stand out. So fun!!

Libbie said...

Too cute! I should have bO do sesame street. He loves the comp too :). You make a cute monster Jo :)

Libbie said...

Hope you guys had a fun Valentine's Day!

marie said...

Family photos at their finest! It's fun to try and see exactly what's going on in those little minds!