Friday, January 9, 2009

Birthday Festivity Pictures ~*~Pic OVERLOAD~*~

We celebrated Elijah's birthday with a small party at our house that night. Reach, my dad, my mom, Mike, Azalea, Joe and I were there. He's going to celebrate with Joe's side of the family tomorrow.
He's ready to PARTAY!
He got another Elmo. We should start a collection...
He also got a fish bowl that plays music when you put things in or take things out of it

Playing with his shopping cart

Riding on his Winnie the Pooh toy
He's getting the hang of this present opening thing... His 5-in-1 gym
Reach bought him a bear that has Washington DC on it

Giving the bear a "hug"

Reading his new book "B is for Bear"

And "Rainbow Rob"

Opening -the- chair
Giving Aunt Reach a kiss for all the presents

Trying it out before it's time for cake

He did NOT like the bib or the hat... What a party pooper...


Figuring out what to do next

What a mess

... After

After he got all fresh and clean he opened one more present... A spout cover

Elijah watchin him some Game Show Network

The adult cake
The day ended with daddy reading bedtime books to Elijah while he was in his new chair.

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marie said...

I love the pictures! It looks like he (and the rest of you) had a wonderful time. I love his pose in the last picture. He's so focused on the book and I like how he's got his arms. Too cute!
Both of the cakes are great!