Monday, November 21, 2011

Elijah's room - The Finished Product

It's been a year and five months since I started talking about remodeling Elijah's room. I will fully blame the fact that I was pregnant for 9 months for not updating about this for about a year. However, with all that in the past I can finally show you a semi-clean, almost completely done remodel of his room. You can see the previous posts here

This is what it looked like before:

It was definitely just a room to sleep in.

But now it's a room he likes to play in

I'm sorry for the lighting, it was a very bright day out. A little update on things we decided on... We went with a regular boring old, cheap, lamp from Ikea. Joe's parents gave Elijah the TV for Christmas and we bought a super cool arm mount from Costco, so no matter where the bed is moved, in the room, the TV can be turned towards it.

We ended up buying the curtains that I linked to in a previous post, because they were 70% off, on sale. I went with shorter curtains too, so he wouldn't get the urge to play in them.

This is what you see when you come into the room. For the clothesline I just used two eyelets, screwed them into the wall, then strung twine across it. The things are held on by binder clips. You can see the "ELIJAH" poster we bought him from the fair last year. It has Elmo on it, cause at the time, he loved Elmo. We call the beanbag chair and the Cars chair his "sitting area", so he can entertain people and have places for them to sit. (cause, you know, he's sooo popular)

We keep the chalk for the chalkboard wall in an old Lego container (the Legos are stored elsewhere) and the bed, is the end of the tour. It was laundry day, that is why all the linens are off his bed. It was the only time I was at home that I remembered to take pictures, so I figured no one would care.

You know what is ironic about this post and these pictures? His bed was soon going to be exchanged for a twin size bed, cause Caleb needs the mattress for his crib. So, this past weekend we moved Elijah into a new bed and Caleb into Elijah's old crib. Everyone seems to be adjusting pretty well...

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Virginia L. said...

Lovely room for your dear boy, Jo!! It is so warm and cozy-perfect for a little guy! Thanks so much to stop by my blog! I really appreciate your visit!xo

Katie @ explanationrequired said...

I'm sure Elijah loves his space and his new big bed. And he really is soooo popular. With Charlotte at least. :)

marie said...

Elijah's room looks great! I know the big bed makes it even better. My favorite part is his artwork clothesline - there are going to be so many masterpieces hanging on that throughout the coming years!

Libbie said...

WooHOO! Looks great!! What a fun room! That chalkboard wall is adorable with his art work all over it! & yes, a popular guy needs a space to entertain :) Love it Jo!