Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good Sport...

Elijah is a prety laid back kid... Most of the time he just goes with the flow. Which is good because he has two girl cousins. Most of the time they play neutral games, like blocks or dinosaurs or they'll play with the food for the pretend kitchen. Then there are some times when they go off and have their nails done or play dress up and leave him to his puzzles and whatnot.

One of his cousins is Charlotte - The one on the right.
She is 4 months younger than him

His other cousin is Penelope - The one on the left
She is 14 months younger than him

With having girl cousins so close in age, I guess sometimes it's hard to resist joining in the fun they are having. One particular day, we had a get together over at Penelope's parents' house. Penelope's cousin was also there (who also happens to be a girl). All the kids were playing in Penelope's room when out walks Elijah dressed like this

I guess they talked him into playing dress up with them.
He was ok with the whole thing, until I started taking pictures...

Of course he doesn't need prompting with dressing up, sometimes. He is at that age where playing pretend is fun and exciting. Sometimes he wears his dinosaur slippers and pretends he's a dinosaur. Other times he wears a baseball cap, picks up a little plastic bat we have and pretends he's a baseball player. But, I guess this time he decided he wanted to be a superhero.


The Lady said...

No way! I totally get it from my boy too. The other day he died when baby girl and I were painting our toes and I told him it was only for girls. Poor thing. We are patiently waiting for his boy cousin to make his appearance in Dec.

marie said...

Elijah IS a good sport! And this is a good post! Love the photos and I especially love the sweet little smirk on Elijah's face in the "tutu" photo!