Friday, November 4, 2011

Pumpkin Painting...

Over the weekend we decided to squeeze in little art project, before Halloween. We decided to paint some pumpkins, since we felt like carving would be more complicated and not as much fun for Elijah to participate in.

First we gathered together the pumpkins and
let Elijah pick the image to stencil

I cut out the stencils using my Cricut
(an Owl from Create a Critter and Happy Halloween from one of the font cartridges)
I taped them onto the pumpkins and tried to tape the inner part of owl
to the pumpkin also, so it couldn't come up when painting

We bought a 24 pack of acrylic paint from Wal-Mart
to use on different projects throughout the year,
so we used black and white on the pumpkins

He got to work, painting away, filling the whole area

Caleb supervised the project
He did a great job

After the bigger pumpkin was done

He moved to the smaller pumpkin

He filled in the whole little pumpkin stencil too

Later, after he went to bed I peeled off the stencil and this is what we had.
I think next time I am goin to dry the paint out with a hairdryer
so it's not so wet when I'm trying to peel the paper off.
But, of course, I love the results anyway, because Elijah painted it

*Now that you've seen the results, I just want to say that I wasn't doing this for it to look perfect. Actually I was just doing it for something Elijah could help with, to decorate for Halloween. If I were to do this for my own benefit I would have done a few things differently. I would have used removable adhesive to hold down everything and I, also, would have used a stencil brush. I feel like that in conjunction with using a hairdryer to dry out the paint before peeling off the stencil would make this project look a lot better.

Did you do any projects for Halloween?


marie said...

I think the pumpkins are perfect and I'm sure Elijah enjoyed the whole project. That's the most important thing! Caleb is a great supervisor!

Katie @ explanationrequired said...

I'm sure Elijah loved working on the pumpkins!! We use to paint pumpkins as a kid, but usually went for faces. I've never tried animals or words. Definitely something to try next year!

Libbie said...

I bet Elijah had the best time painting! I can't imagine all the joy Bo would have if I would tell him we are painting pumpkins :) Something just magical about a pumpkin...I don't know what it is!

LOVED seeing your Halloween pics at Marie's! So funny!!! And adorable!