Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Photos...

I made the mistake of thinking that taking photos of the boys and Azalea would be easy. So we set out to go to the park near our house that has a big field that hardly anyone uses. We ended up having to take two cars, cause we brought Azalea and the wagon to transport everything. Because all of that would not would not fit in Joe's Toyota Corolla. I'm pretty happy with the results though. Nothing spectactular, but some nice pictures to bring back memories years down the road.

We started walking to the field, Caleb being held and
Elijah helping out by holding the pumpkins and
making sure they stayed in the wagon

We got to the field, set up and realized this was not the best idea.
How was I going to get some good pics with three non-cooperating subjects?
But we rolled with it and it ended up turning out fine.
Caleb was content and ready to go.

Unfortunately he was more interested at looking
everywhere else besides the camera
Azalea was also distracted by a dog that was playing off camera

She did the best she could to stay put.
Then Elijah decided to talk to Caleb for a few minutes
Which was fine with him, cause Caleb loves studying Elijah's every move

Everyone was pretty bored

Then they saw something in the sky
(I have no idea what it was)
So I actually got a pic of them looking in the same direction
Azalea was itching to play, so we let her go

This is one of my favorites

I gave up on the group shots at that point

And decided individual pictures would be the best thing

Even Azalea decided to take a break and pose for a picture

After Elijah and Azalea wondered off Caleb was
left all alone... with just his pumpkin to keep him company.


The Lady said...

Family pictures are torture in my home. I get my hope too high and am always let down hard because no one else cares but me. Christmas pictures are coming and I'm already dreading them!

marie said...

Love the shot of Elijah smooching Caleb...I think I'll have to print that one and frame it!