Friday, November 11, 2011

Harvest Party...

This year we wanted to get more involved with our church, because, as I've said before, there are a ton of people who attend and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. So when I received a little card inviting me to try out this thing called MomsConnect, I did. MomsConnect is a group that meets once a month. Everyone in the group is a mother of at least one child 5-years-old or younger. I went the first week and had so much fun that I plan to continue to go until they break next summer.

In addition to the monthly get togethers, they have random fun stuff to do a few times a month, that is completely optional. Most of the things we have to miss out on because I work, but we got to attend the Harvest party they put together.

It was at the church on a rainy Saturday morning. It was very warm, cozy and fun.

Elijah got to do a few crafts

In her hand is a handprint turkey with feathers and a googly eye
(a better picture is below)

Then we made a scarecrow out of some of Elijah's old clothes

One little boy had a great idea of putting hay inside a baby sleeper
(like Caleb's size)
I will have to remember that for next time.
Elijah got to hang out with some of the kids.
I think he knew some of them from childcare

Then he made a thankfulness wreath

Caleb hung out the whole time
Can you believe this is one of the only pics of him in his costume?

The parachute (I think that's what it's called) was a big hit

When we got home we hung up his artwork on the clothesline in his room.

Which, by the way, is pretty much done, so stay tuned, because in the next week I will be showing off the rest of Elijah's made-over room.

Until next time...


Katie @ explanationrequired said...

I love his little artwork clothesline. So cute!! And I think it's awesome that your church offers this sort of program at a time that you're available!

marie said...

I love the artwork clothesline too! Great idea!
The second photo of Elijah is so adorable ~ what a great grin!
Joe used to play with a parachute when he was in grade school in Wisconsin...wonder if her remembers?!