Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Elijah got to experience one of the joys of childhood, for the first time, this year. He got to play in a pile of leaves.

At first he didn't know what to do

But he got the hang of it really fast

Then Penelope joined in the fun

And Charlotte too

You can see the joy on their faces

They had so much fun that they did it again this past weekend
In a -huge- pile of leaves, this time.

Even Daddy/Uncle Joe joined in the fun

Caleb "jumped" in too.
He was not thrilled...

Then the kids got put to work, picking up all the leaves

They did a great job.

And seeing how my in-laws still have a bunch of leaves on the tree, that have yet to fall, we might be able to have one more playing session before the season is out. Gotta love fun in the great outdoors.

Until next time...


faith hope love ღ said...

i love your post! thanks for sharing...God bless you...loves soraya

Katie @ explanationrequired said...

Such cutie pies!! Thanks for sharing the photos from the first time they played - I hadn't seen those yet.

marie said...

These photos are such fun! Fall colors make th ebest background I think! I LOVE the shot of the four of them...Caleb looks SO happy!

Scrap for Joy said...

Now I've seen everyone's pictures of this "event"..the kidlings sure had a lot of fun....and bravo to you for getting them to pick up some of the leaves! I can't believe how Caleb has grown. They're all too cute!

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh how I remember those days when my son was little. Brings back lots of sweet memories!

Thanks for entering my giveaway. I put you in for the bonus as well. best of luck
hugs Lynn

Libbie said...

So much Joy in a pile of leaves! Making me smile!!!!